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Restoration and processes

Restoration of church ornaments and religious items

The experience gained over the years and the expertise of our staff make Mollica-Sga the leader in the restoration of church ornaments, religious and liturgical items.

In over fifty years of business, we have restored chalices, ciboria, monstrances, hanging chain lamps, tabernacles, busts and much more. For us, the restoration of church ornaments and religious items is a very important part of our work: it is a passion and a commitment but also a challenge.

Restoring church ornaments in reality means disassembling, numbering every component, washing, cleaning, polishing and lastly, gold or silver plating liturgical items, restoring each piece to its original state with repairs, the replacement of damaged components and the reproduction of missing parts.

Below is a link to a video showing several examples of conservative restoration work. The video compresses several days work on an monstrance into just five minutes.

 To the design and hand-crafted manufacturing of church ornaments and religious items, Mollica-Sga combine various types of processes such as:

  • cleaning, gold plating and polishing religious items (cleaning in a pickling bath and with soft brushes; gold plating by electrolytic deposition, the chemical-mechanical polishing of chalices, candlesticks, crosses and ewers);
  • artistic repair of church ornaments such as chalices, ciboria and tabernacles made from metal, stone, wood, glass, enamel and rhinestones;
  • religious engravings on metal (gold, silver, copper) of text and illustrations using diamond drill bits;
  • sand and lost wax casting (beginning with samples, we make or replicate items in bronze, brass and silver using sand or wax moulds);
  • designing and making church ornaments based on drawing (the client provides a drawing of the item required or just gives us the idea and we create the item).