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Materials and finishes

Materials, finishes and works to be proud of.

Mollica-Sga manufactures and restores church ornaments and religious items in metal, wood, Plexiglas and resin near Milan.

All the items are made from precious materials such as silver, copper, bronze, brass and can be plated with 24 Kt gold or 1000/°°° silver and be embellished using manual techniques such as engraving.

To meet various types of aesthetic and functional requirements, Mollica-Sga offers various types of finishes – in gold (polished, matt, satin-finished), silver (polished, matt, satin-finished, antique-finish), nickel (polished, matt) and copper (polished, satin-finished) – and additional processes such as antique-finishing, satin-finishing, sand blasting, Zapon varnishing, polishing, grinding and varnishing.